Upcoming events and new wellness resource

We’ve been busy at the American Indian Institute and are excited about our upcoming health and wellness conferences. For those interested in diabetes prevention, we’d love to see you at our annual Native Diabetes Prevention Conference in Phoenix this January. We’re hosting a Native Fitness Training following the conference, for those interested in leading exercise programs in tribal communities. Interested in behavioral health, health promotion/disease prevention, and wellness? Join us in San Diego this March for our 13th Native Women & Men’s Wellness Conference, along with another Native Fitness Training following the conference.

Diabetes Prevention & New Online Resource

Diabetes - Native American Risk - Click image to watch this video.

Diabetes – Native American Risk – Click image to watch this video.  Image provided by the Chickasaw Nation’s Chickasaw.tv.

As we gear up for our 16th Native Diabetes Prevention Conference & Native Fitness Training, held January 12-15, 2014 in Phoenix, we’d like to share a wonderful new model for promoting wellness and preventing diabetes across tribal borders. Several years ago, the Chickasaw Nation developed an online network covering a variety of topics. We’re excited to announce that they recently launched a new ‘Health & Wellness’ channel.  While the Chickasaw Nation aims to provide content for tribal members, a great deal of the health and wellness information is relevant to all American Indian, Alaska Native, and First Nations members. While browsing the ‘Health & Wellness’ channel, I found a number of videos and interviews on diabetes prevention, fitness, and countless nutrition videos with delicious recipes. (If you enjoy cooking, be sure to check out the ‘Get Fresh‘ video recipes.)

To learn more about this great online resource, I’ve invited Chelsey McKnight to share more about Chickasaw.tv and discuss the Chickasaw Nation’s role in preventing diabetes and improving wellness:

An interview with Chelsey McKnight

Q: Tell us a bit about Chickasaw.tv and the role the Chickasaw Nation hopes to play in diabetes prevention and wellness.

A: “The Chickasaw Nation values the health and wellness of their people, and they are taking great strides in raising awareness for diabetes prevention.

Chickasaw.tv is an online network of video-rich channels dedicated to representing all historical and contemporary facets of the Chickasaw Nation. In order to raise awareness about diabetes and promote nutrition and exercise to the Native American community, the video network recently launched a new Health & Wellness channel. From nutritious Chickasaw recipes to engaging fitness programs, this new channel offers a variety of fun ways to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Q: Why is this important?

A: “People of Native American ancestry are at a statistically higher risk to develop type 2 diabetes, and preventing this disease is something that the Chickasaw Nation takes very seriously. The new Chickasaw.tv Health & Wellness channel features content that educates viewers about diabetes. The programming also includes information on diabetes warning signs, treatment and the variety of health services offered by the tribe.”

Q: How can our readers learn more?

A: “To learn more about what the Chickasaw Nation is doing to ensure the lifelong health of Native Americans and prevent diabetes, visit the Health & Wellness channel on Chickasaw.tv.  or check out this special video on diabetes.

Special thanks to Chelsey McKnight for visiting with us and sharing this great tool with Native communities across the country.

Do you have an innovative program or news to share? We’d love to hear from you. Please contact Chelsea Wesner with any ideas for interviews or stories: chelsea-wesner@ou.edu.


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