For more than 30 years, the American Indian Institute (Aii) has hosted conferences and trainings throughout Indian Country with a focus on personal wellness, health promotion/disease prevention, and behavioral health. Throughout this time, we’ve made the best of friends, and are continually humbled by the sense of strength and unity in Native American communities.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work in Indian Country, is hearing the inspiring stories of Native American elders, women, men, and children who have transformed their lives through discovering what health and wellness means to them.

While it’s important to understand (and continue researching) the marked health disparities that exist between American Indian/Alaska Natives and the general U.S. population, many tribal members leave Native health conferences and trainings feeling discouraged. One of our goals for this project is to use a strengths-based approach to improve health outcomes in Native communities. Through sharing personal stories from tribal members, highlighting innovative programs in Native communities, and offering healthful tips, we hope to shift the focus on ‘Disease in Native America’ and begin to celebrate ‘Wellness in Native America’.

We’re so glad you’ve joined us, and we hope you’ll come back each month to explore a new topic on living a Native healthy lifestyle.

Upcoming Issues

Native Runners: June 2012

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to cross a finish line? We’ll be interviewing two Native runners to learn what motivates them to stay healthy, tips on nutrition, and how to begin a running schedule whether your goal is running 1 mile or 26.2.

Traditional Foods Projects: Part 1: July 2012

Traditional Foods Projects: Part 2: September 2012

Join us for this issue as we feature some of the most innovative tribal food projects to include community gardens, Native American-owned and operated food cooperatives, and some delicious recipes using traditional foods.

Restoring Balance Through Art & Music

Honoring Our Elders

‘Indian Summer’ – The Importance of Ceremony & Feasts

Celebrating Our Native American Heritage



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